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Even if you've done everything you can think of to improve your lawn, there's a chance it could still appear overgrown and under-manicure. There's a good chance that aeration is the missing link between you and the green lawn you've been striving for. Aerating your lawn involves going a step beyond the regular watering and mowing, and allows the grass to be properly penetrated by water and air. The aeration process is quite straightforward when handled by the experts at Thornton Lawn & Landscape LLC, so sit back, and let us take care of it for you. We recommend getting in touch with Thornton Lawn & Landscape LLC once spring rolls around, and then again in the early fall, for the best possible results. Aeration will have the biggest impact if it is done in the right season, so make sure to reach out when the time is right. By aerating your lawn twice a year, your grass is guaranteed to be in tip top form year round.